The start of Team Comeback HQ!

One of the first missions of Team Comeback was to set up the infrastructure to get the supplies out to people in need. In times of disasters, logicists are the toughest part. The estimates say that the number of children affected are over 200K, now think about moving that many fill backpacks. It takes lots of organization and planning.


We are very proud to have the partnerships to make Team Comeback HQ possible. We have 19,000 square foot of space to use thanks to the Orleans Tower. Southwest Airlines has donated national shipping for us. Louisiana Motor Coach will be helping with transporting bussing volunteer at supplies to distribution areas. Long story short, it takes a village to get kids school supplies, and we are so blessed to have some much support.

Here is the beginning of HQ. Tomorrow, volunteers will be organizing supplies and take inventory. We are hopeful that distributions will begin next week.

Please support the cause in any way that you can. 100% of what we raised will go directly to supporting children getting back to school!