The Good Report: Oakland Natives Give Back & The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

No one tells you how being part of a philanthropic initiative like Team Comeback Kids changes the way you see the world.

Out there, the news is bleak. It seems like the entire internet is angry and most people drive like they hate each other.

But it’s different in here.

Every day, more packages show up at our door. Packages full of school supplies for kids who are going to be so excited to get them. People are banding together far and wide to collect supplies that are going to make a real difference in the lives of people they’ve never even met.

The view from in here makes you realize just how good people really are.


Oakland Natives Give BackTeam Comeback Kids

We recently got word that Oakland Natives Give Back is sending 400 full backpacks.

Four hundred!

Started by Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt, Dee Dee Abdur-Rahim, and Tameka Raymond, Oakland Natives Give Back empowers youth and helps their community through school supply drives.

While the news talks about all that divides us, ONGB is quietly embracing the students of Louisiana as part of their own community. Because of their generosity, 400 kids who just had their lives turned upside down will be getting a little help.

And a little help can mean a lot.

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

Team Comeback Kids

In what is becoming a wonderfully common occurrence here at Team Comeback Kids, good news was followed up with more good news.

Despite leaving New Orleans three years ago, former Saint Malcolm Jenkins is making a donation that will allow us to buy and fill 175 backpacks.

According to the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation website, the group is committed to youth development in underserved communities through providing programs and initiatives that emphasize education, character, life skills, health, and recreation.

And just like his play on the field, Mr. Jenkins backs his words up with action.


We’re beyond grateful for the support of Oakland Natives Give Back and The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation. Your support will help nearly 600 students recover from the devastating floods that rocked Louisiana.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.